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SmarTooth with Negative Ion Wristband

December, 2014

SmarTooth on a negative ion wristband, or SmarTooth in short, is a brand-new product released by Dr-ion that combines the powers and benefits of a negative ion wristband and a bluetooth.

Primary Functions of SmartTooth:

. Works as a digital watch replacing any wristwatch.
. Works as a Bluetooth headset attachable to and detachable from the wristband.
. Automatically reboots and synchronizes with your smartphone.
. Displays callers' names and phone numbers as stored in your smartphone, supported in multiple languages.
. Alarms you when leaving away from your smartphone, which prevents you from losing your precious smartphone.
. Energizes you and improves your health since the wristband itself is a powerful anion bracelet that emits a large amount of negative ions into your body.
. Enables you to enjoy music and movies stored in your smartphone.

LeMonte's Pleasant Fitness Footages

October, 2013
Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream and to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, more mental energy and reduced drowsiness. Negative ions also support the regulation of a healthy metabolism that will increase vitality of the body.

Negative ions improve power and strength in human body, gives body energy and refreshment, enhance performance in sports activities (such as swings and hitting distances in golf), increase flexibility, help recover more quickly from tiredness and fatigue, relieve stresses, help reduce pains/aches and asthma, prevent snoring and sleep disorders (such as insomnia) and thus promote a better sleep, and do much more.

Why are Dr-ion wristbands on top above all others?

August, 2013
Not every negative ion wristband is the same!

The Forest on Your Wrist

April, 2013
Having Dr-ion (Doctor Ion) is like having a forest on you.

Kevin says "Dr-ion Works! Try IT."

Saturday, April 6, 2013
PGA Tour golfer Kevin Na says "Dr-ion works! Try it." Kevin Na's official PGA Tour page:

Kevin S. Na is a professional golfer currently playing on the PGA Tour. He recommends Dr-ion anion products to athletes.

Personal Info:
- Born: September 15, 1983
- Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
- Weight: 167 lb (76 kg; 11.9 st)
- Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

- Turned professional: 2001
- Current tour(s): PGA Tour
- Professional wins: 5

Number of wins by tour:
- PGA Tour: 1
- Asian Tour: 1
- Nationwide Tour: 1

Best results in Major Championships:
- Masters Tournament: T12: 2012
- U.S. Open: T29: 2012
- The Open Championship: T27: 2010
- PGA Championship: T10: 2011

"Bling-Bling" Your Life! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
We are introducing a new product called, "Bling-Bling." With over 2,200 negative ions on May! This bling-bling bracelet will bring you bling-bling in all activities! :)

Science:  Power of Negative Ions

August, 2012
This video clip is a part of the renowned TV documentary called "Secrets of Sang Lo Byung Sa" by KBS1, a major public TV channel in South Korea. The term "Sang Lo Byung Sa" in one word literally means "Born and live" (Sang), "get older" (Lo), "get sick" (Byung) and "die" (Sa), which is a term originated in Buddhism, representing the 4 inevitable agonies or pains of every life. The TV documentary on negative ions as a trilogy was aired on 10/12/2012, 10/19/2004 and 10/26/2004, with the title "Restorative Medicine of Nature".

Comparison of Dr-ion wristbands with other brands in terms of negative ion measurements

August, 2012
This video answers the following fundamental but critical questions that consumers often ask:

1. Why Dr-ion's negative ion products?
2. What makes Dr-ion products so different from others?
3. Why are Dr-ion's negative ion products highly praised and valued in the market and by the consumers?
4. What makes the staff and dealers of Dr-ionUSA so proud and confident of their products, especially when it comes to comparisons with other products?

Testimonial by Heather on Dr-ion's Negative Ion Wristbands and Necklaces

July, 2012
Negative ions are vitamins of the air. With Dr-ion's negative ion wristbands (bracelets) and necklaces, you can

- Increase strength, energy, body balance and athletic performances,
- Improve sleep quality and help prevent snoring,
- Help reduce pain/ache and restore body energy, and
- Improve body flexibility and decrease stiffness.
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